History of the Child Protection Project

A history of what the organization has accomplished and discovered is being compiled, and will appear on this page as soon as it is completed. Until then, you might like to look through some issues of

Polygamy News

a Child Protection Project newsletter, published from 2007 to 2009. Click the link to go to Google Drive, then double click a thumbnail to open the document in Drive's Reader. You do not need a Google account.

A Look Back at the Child Protection Project in 2008

Activists Lobby for Stricter Laws Against Polygamy by Matt Bunk
Arizona Capital Times February 1, 2008

Flora Jessop remembers vividly a time long past when her voice didn't matter. She wasn't allowed to be heard. But today, the woman who fled from Warren Jeffs and his polygamist cult as a child in the 1980s speaks much louder than the people who once oppressed her. Jeffs is in jail. The cult has been exposed. State and federal authorities are watching. Jessop, on the other hand, has gone on the offensive.