Why do we use the term "cult"?

If you are new to this website you may be wondering why we use the term "cult" when referring to the FLDS and its associated polygamist groups. Once you have watched the Emmy and Edward R. Murrow award-winning documentary reported by Mike Watkiss we think you will agree that cult is not NOT too strong a word. What else would you call a group whose members are brainwashed, abused, isolated, and forbidden to leave?

Mike Watkiss

Colorodo City and the Undergroud Railroad
by Mike Watkiss
A Documentary filmed in 2008

The full documentary is available, in six parts. Get started here or follow the links at left to watch on YouTube.
Watch on Arizona Family News

You may also want to read more by the same reporter about the worrisome and dangerous conditions in Colorodo City today. Follow his blog.